Raw Shoulder Bag Brown

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Raw Shoulderbag Brown:

RAW Brown Shoulder Bag
Looking for a new bag to carry your essentials in? Look no further because RAW have got you covered.

This soft fabric shoulder bag has three pockets, an adjustable strap and some heavy duty zips.

The outside is made of strong fabric that is resistant to rips and tears. The woven strap is wide to minimise discomfort and it can be adjusted to your ideal length too. T

he two main pockets are a great size, with one slightly bigger than the other. Within the larger back pocket there is a smaller one too – great for storing more precious items in.

Perfect for everyday use or as a way to transport your rolling equipment.


Height: ~240mm
Width: ~220mm
Depth: ~85mm
Total Strap Height: 650mm (Shoulder to Top of Bag)
Front Pocket: 190mm X 200mm X 35mm
Back Pocket: 240mm X 220mm X 60mm
Inside Pocket: 110mm X 150mm ~20mm

RAW Logo on Front
Soft, Durable Fabric
3 Pockets
Adjustable Strap
Heavy Duty Zips