Greengo Ks 2 in 1

Greengo Ks 2 in 1, paper and tips always together!

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Greengo Ks 2 in 1:

Forget all other brands, because Greengo King Size Slim rolling paper is the first rolling paper  made from real  unbleached paper . These packages also have unbleached tips.

  • Greengo rolling papers and tips are produced from FSC approved pulp.
  • Greengo rolling paper has the ideal thickness of 14 gr / m2
  • Greengo tips have a thickness of 140 grams of recycled paper
  • The package is made from 200 gr / m2 recycled paper. Better for the environment!

Pure natural papers for a pure natural smoke!

  • 33 leaves in this package.
  • 34 unbleached tips!
  • King Size Slim (110 x 44 mm)
  • Proud winner of the European Product Awards 2011!
  • Box contains 24 packages